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Be Part Time Nappy Free – Learn Elimination Communication!

Be Part Time Nappy Free –
Learn Elimination Communication!

You can minimise your nappy use as you enhance the communication with your baby – by using nappies part-time!!


Begin to use your nappies part time by learning some simple skills of Elimination Communication (elimination communication). It is an ancient way to care for a baby’s hygiene needs as you slowly and gradually reduce your reliance on nappies. You enhance your understanding of and communication with your baby in ways that will just amaze you!

What is it like?

Elimination Communication is something you start at home, when you have some quiet time with your baby. You support your baby’s instinct to not wee on themselves by offering them the opportunity to wee in a potty now and then – at nappy changes is a prime time as their nappy is already off!

Imagine if your baby stayed in the same, dry nappy for several hours? What if you could spot some of the time that they needed to wee and could help them to go? What if you only had to change a pooey nappy every now and then? This is what being part-time nappy free means – using elimination communication to work as a team with your baby to reduce the number of nappies that are wet or soiled (then washed!), even though baby may be in them all the time!

Elimination Communication means less washing of nappies in the long run!

 Imagine your nappy bucket taking twice as long to fill. When you are at home, you use nappies far more casually, as you are aware of some of your baby’s attempts to communicate with you. You know enough about their patterns to offer them a timely wee-break at prime times – such as when they wake up. Then, you’ve learnt to offer a ‘timing’ opportunity, just like that…

Using Modern Cloth Nappies with Elimination Communication is a sensible choice – it is fun, you get to use the cool modern nappies with their funky designs, yet have to wash them a lot less, keeping your cloth nappy “stash” in tip top condition for the best resale value! Your baby benefits even more from the sensory awareness that being in cloth helps them to retain, as they get to practise consciously releasing their muscles from a young age.

Elimination Communication has been described as ‘Cloth Minimalism’ – as you use nappies a little less often, keeping your baby’s nappy dry for longer now and then, or a lot less often if you prefer, having your baby nappy free a lot while at home. Babies love the freedom of kicking their legs with no nappy on. Mother Earth – she loves Elimination Communication even more than Modern Cloth Nappies!

Nappies become a parenting tool while practicing Elimination Communication – useful, but not essential.

Don’t worry though, you’ll still be using those nappies, but perhaps not as extensively, not all day every day, and probably not for as long, but you won’t care anyway as Elimination Communication with nappies is such a fun way to communicate, you’ll feel much more relaxed about gradual toilet learning.

 Download your free eBook about doing Elimination Communication here:

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

 Learn about how to use nappies part-time at Tribal Baby:


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