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About Australian Cloth Nappies at My Green Nappy

My Green Nappy’s mission is to see that every baby ‘down under’ has that one green nappy to wear.

My Green Nappy explores the world of modern cloth and eco-friendly disposable nappies, putting you in touch with a wealth of wisdom and experience of nappy makers, sellers and users.

Our mission is to strive towards every baby having at least one ‘green’ nappy to wear, keeping a throwaway disposable out of the environment each time it is worn. With over 300 thousand babies born downunder each year, that one green nappy will make a difference!

No confusing searching for you, just browsing for THE green nappy for your family’s needs via these unique resources.

We aim to be a collective of all shops offering modern and traditional cloth nappies and eco disposables – the environmentally friendly, ‘green nappy’ choices.

You can win a unique and coveted “Green Promise Nappy”, one of a hundred that will be donated on behalf of the Earth to reduce nappy waste and promote greener nappy choices in our communities. New ones will be on offer each season.
We give back to the planet in other small ways too. They all add up, especially collectively!
What makes my green nappy unique is that we are all working *together* for our planet, to save you time, money and to promote and encourage eco friendlier choices. No finger-pointing environmentalism, just gentle encouragement – do what you can, think about where you can add in new ways to be that little bit greener in ways that suit your family right now – more will come naturally in time.


We want to inspire and encourage you to use washable nappies.

Washable Nappies benefit you, your baby, your budget – and the Earth – and that’s what My Green Nappy is about – More Green Nappies for the Earth.

My Green Nappy has several aims:

  • My Green Nappy exists to help you to raise a ‘lower carbon’ baby. To help you make positive decisions as you gradually reduce the ecological footprint of your family by adding green tips into your lifestyle. You have the motivation of doing something worthwhile with others who share your concerns.
  • My Green Nappy exists to help you feel ‘enviro-karma’ as you ease your environmental conscience by taking small regular actions each time your baby wears a reusable or recyclable nappy. You help the Earth while caring for your baby.
  • My Green Nappy exists to build and support a network of nappy businesses committed to helping our planet – one nappy at a time. Collectively we are promoting reusable, washable cloth nappies and eco-friendly options that reduce the amount of single-use disposables going into landfill by the millions every day.
  • Joining My Green Nappy is a simple way for nappy businesses to gain recognition for their efforts towards advocating the ‘greener’ choice of cloth or eco-disposable nappies and for helping promote positive environmental awareness in their communities – whether local or online, as in their clients and supporters.
  • My Green Nappy exists to help you recognize how important our little efforts are in mitigating climate change. Simply, do whatever you can, it will add to all the little things others are doing. We are all on the same Earth, together. We can make a difference, one action at a time. You know you are helping protect the environment.
  • My Green Nappy doesn’t just talk about the problem of waste – we have the 100 Green Promise Nappies initiative to get out there and do something about it – to educate, encourage and promote modern cloth nappies and eco friendly disposable nappies.

By working together we are bringing about real change – as in CHANGING REAL nappies. (Hee Hee! A pun!)

Please Join Us.

Together we can make a real difference. It’s nice to make a difference with babies – they are the next generation. We can set a model of sustainability for them to follow. Simply, every little bit helps. ‘My Green Nappy’ will help.

– Charndra

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