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The Australian Eco-friendly Green Nappy: Your Three (3) Main Alternatives in Washable Nappies

The Australian Eco-friendly Green Nappy: Your Three (3) Main Alternatives in Washable Nappies

The modern, reusable nappy is available in many styles, brands, colours, sizes, materials and fabrics. In a simple way you could group them in three main types that will actually let you know much more concerning what you are buying and what you can expect.

Let’s consider your three (3) main options of non disposable, washable and reusable modern nappies:

Wahm Designed and Home-Made

You will see these are the premium option, both designed and made by the work-at-home-mum, or just a small number of wahm’s. They could often be personalised, have unique or become a unique of colours or prints, really be custom-designed within your preferences or be beautifully embroidered. It is here that retailers enter the market after using lots of styles then making some design improvements they need offer.

Home-Made Licenced Designs

These are generally wahm’s or groups of them who attain a licence in order to make nappies employing a popular, trustworthy design. Like wahm made, you’ll discover a wide range of custom or choose personalised options, see a collection of fabric combinations from all natural, organic, bamboo or hemp fabrics to pul lined, minky and recycled, extra green nappies. The advantage could be that the design had better be bulletproof for the different types of sizes / different types of baby features its manufactured to suit.

Commercially Produced

You will see these are popular. Demand so outstripped the ability of the original WAHM to prepare that they explored having them commercially produced. Usually produced in factories in often China or India, look for dedication to moral, responsibly produced produced nappies – the WAHM’s generally go to great lengths to have them produced responsibly and in fair conditions for the workers, and still passing on the savings of commercially produced nappies to you, and enabling them to meet demand, with most retailers supplying their local markets with their favourite commercial brands.
So, that’s it really – when you are shopping for modern, non disposable nappies you can keep at heart what they are – which in turn might help you both appreciate the basis of the nappy and help you use the nappy you really want to favour. It really is fun to go buying ‘bum clothing’ to please your baby! Read what other mothers have to say about their preference for the eco-friendly green nappy.

When you find that you are wanting to buy another one, just remember: Modern Cloth Nappies certainly are a justified purchase (your baby needs them everyday), that frees up money, your baby looks cute, trendy and modern, and you’ll be helping the Earth- ticking so many boxes really!

Do you have a ‘green’ nappy among the wardrobe of your baby yet?

And now Charndra invites you to win a Australian reusable nappy by registering to play in a few of the regular cloth nappy giveaways held on My Green

You’ll discover great tips, secrets to finding bargains, and the inside story about nappies and using various types green nappy in a more environmental way.

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Buying Your Reusable Cloth Nappies – 3 Budget Tips to Develop your Nappy Stash and Save Money

Buying Your Reusable Nappies – 3 Budget Hints to Build Your Nappy Stash for Less
Buying your first lot of reusable nappies? These 3 budget tips will enable you to to build your nappy stash and keep to your budget!
To start with, buying reusable nappies looks like a commitment, costing $20-$50 each. But, in due course, you will definitely save in a major way. As an alternative to $20 every week good for one single use disposable thrown in the bin, a reusable nappy is exactly that – washed, used again, time and time again and over. Each and every time it effectively saves the price a disposable considering that it spreads out the initial investment, making original reusable nappy worth pennies!

Let us take a look at 3 ways then you can spend even less when first buying your reusable nappies:

1. Australian Reusable Nappies: Buy in bulk to save lots of cash!

You probably know this, buying in bulk is always a very good tip for saving on your budget. Bulk packs, value packs, starter packs and bundles often attract a deduction or assist you to trim down postage – find out how many nappies will fit within the postage price to get a discount that way too. Bulk orders make it easier and simpler on retailers, passing savings again to you.

2. Australian Reusable Nappies: Order from trading sites to save

Trading sites offer new and used nappies. Were you aware that sellers can often arrange their very own shop inside of the site? This is definitely a very efficient for a retailer to start with, as well as for you to grab a bargain on a new nappy!

3. Australian Reusable Nappies: Buy secondhand to save lots of money

As modern cloth nappies are durable – way more than a size 000 one piece baby suit – it’s also possible to re-sell them when you’re done. The price of a re-sold nappy will recoup a little your investment, however the goal really should be to help out the next mum. Of course, it truly is a pre-owned nappy, so if you know it truly is quite well used, you may simply give it away, or put it in as a bonus nappy to a better one you are selling, to be a ‘stash filler’. I got a nappy in this fashion -with a night time nappy an extra an additional nappy arrived in the post with it. Not one of the most absorbent, it was only one to chuck on baby when back home.

Investing in your baby’s bottom may seem an odd tactic to economize, however there is chance to save many hundreds of dollars!

There’s also a thriving community of reusable nappy fans to learn the inside story to become an enthusiast and then expert in cloth nappies yourself. On the lookout for Australian Reusable Nappies – beautiful, soft, budget-saving bum clothing is absolutely fun – often there is always new prints, styles, fabric trends and accessories to explore.

And now Charndra invites you to win some Australian cloth nappies by registering to be part of any of the regular giveaways held on her informative and popular site.

You’ll discover great tips, secrets to finding bargains, and all the facts about green nappies and using any sort of nappy in a more sustainable way.

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Your Buying Guide for Australian Modern Cloth Nappies

Your Modern Cloth Nappy Buying Guide

Helping You Find the Best Cloth Nappy Deal for Your Family

I invite you to download my free guide, ‘Your Modern Cloth Nappy Buying Guide – a Key to Finding the Best Cloth Nappy Deal for You.’

This guide will help you to do your research, comparing prices, postage and other factors with ease.

When you are looking into buying some modern cloth nappies, keep in mind that you are shopping for your baby, and shopping is fun.

Getting great bargains and the modern cloth stash of your choice is a matter of making a few decisions and then taking the plunge!

No matter what you choose, it is great to know that there is a booming market in second hand nappies, so worse-case scenario, you don’t like what you first choose, simply sell it on to a new home.

Here are 7 Important Ideas for You to Keep in Mind When Buying Modern Cloth Nappies:

1. Determine Style of Nappy You Will Need.

Do some research and decide the style of nappy that you want to focus on. Browse some Modern Cloth Mini Trends, or look at My Nappy Style Windows. All-in Ones, Pocket nappies, fitted or shaped with covers, perhaps traditional prefolds, the most simple of the modern cloth nappy, or the improved trifold? Find out more about different types of nappies via Our Nappy Experts and their range of helpful cloth nappy information, advice, tips and tricks. See what other mums are using: My Green Nappy – Do you have one? and That’s My Green Nappy! – Describe your first modern cloth nappy…

2. Determine a Budget Range.

Knowing you have $100 to spend is a start, helping you to find nappy sets within your budget range. Perhaps you are going to spend $250 and get a sizeable stash, or less and get some more later on… Decide on a nappy budget range and add that to your guide.

Modern Nappies: Where to Start? I Have $50 to Spend, What Cloth Nappy Do I Buy? – Expert advice about starting with modern nappies with a $50 budget…

3. Determine the Number of Nappies You Want.

Which brings us to numbers – enough for one or two days, and using disposables the rest of the time? Part- time nappies will mean about 12 – 15 nappies. Full time, you’ll need around 24 or so. It really depends on how often you like to wash – more nappies means washing them less often, and you can put them all through a full load. Less nappies means saving more, but more frequent washing. Though, aim to not have too much of a delay in washing. See some helpful tips for when you get your new cloth nappies at the end of this page.

4. Consider Postage Costs.

Buying nappies online means you WILL need to factor in postage, unless you target a local retailer and can arrange to go and pick them up from their home or a market they go to. Keep your eye out for specials on postage – you can sometimes even get free postage on bulk orders if you are patient. Knowing how many nappies fit in a postage pack is another way to save, as buying one nappy at each shop will be far more expensive than three from the one place, as postage is based on weight and can be combined.

5. Consider Cloth Nappy Bulk Packages.

Bulk packs, value packs, mixed brand packs – these are always a good bet for saving! Keep a sharp eye out for these offers, and you might find a decent discount can be applied. Packaging up one larger lot of nappies is also easier for the retailer!

6. ASK for Help, Even Discounts from the owner of the Cloth Nappy Shop.

Yes, you can ask. Ask for advice – they love to help. Perhaps you can find a better combination of nappies to suit your needs, or gain a bulk pack discount, even for a mixed variety of nappies, simply by asking… Read through the FAQ on the site to be sure you know the features and benefits of the nappy style, and how to use and care for them. Nothing worse than stuffing up on the first wash by accidentally putting them in with a set of white clothes and having them run! Though, often the fabrics are pre-washed, it is often recommended to pre-wash your nappies to maximise their absorbency and just to be sure… Also, see if the retailer promotes that they are experienced and happy to answer questions – some stores might not have the experience, and recommend you talk to the original maker. It’s good to know these things.

7. Rate Other Factors

You may like to factor in perhaps more ephemeral or ethical factors, things like which website you liked navigating, how easy it was to look around or chat with the owner, consider the ethics of the materials used and production methods, favour only natural products, or ensure the nappies come from a pet-free and smoke-free home. These things are often mentioned, and can become part of your decision if you have some similar choices facing you.

Now make your decision!

I invite you to download my free guide, ‘Your Modern Cloth Nappy Buying Guide – a Key to Finding the Best Cloth Nappy Deal for You.’ It’ll help you to do your research, comparing prices, postage and other factors with ease.

Good luck on your search!

– Charndra

P.S. Are you registered to play in our regular nappy giveaways?
Be sure to sign up to have your chance to WIN a free modern cloth nappy for your baby!

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Australian Cloth Nappies: Win a Modern Cloth Nappy at My Green

Australian Cloth Nappies: Win a Modern Cloth Nappy at My Green


My Green Nappy is Australia’s top resource for modern cloth nappies

ADELAIDE, South Australia—Charndra Josling, owner and founder of My Green Nappy, today announced the third annual Green Promise Nappy Event. This event has given away more than one hundred donated cloth nappies so far to help promote reusable, washable cloth nappies. In addition, with be running regular cloth nappy competitions and contests for mothers in Australia to win free cloth nappies for their babies.

The My Green Nappy website encourages parents to start with one green nappy, a washable and reusable cloth nappy, to prevent thousands of disposable nappies from ending up in the landfill and causing environmental hazards. My Green Nappy is a hub for modern cloth nappies and eco-friendly disposable nappies in Australia.

Australian cloth nappies are soft, stylish, and cost-effective and help reduce the impact of disposable nappies on the environment. In an average family with two children, between six and twelve thousand one-use nappies will be required. To reduce the significant financial drain of expensive disposable nappies, parents are encouraged to use a washable version. Instead of thousands of nappies each used only once, a reusable nappy may be used thousands of times.

My Green Nappy is a unique environmental initiative promoting greener nappy choices for Australian mothers. The website puts individuals in touch with over 300 shops offering modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand. The mission of My Green Nappy is to have every baby in Australia to have at least one green nappy to wear to reduce environmental downfalls of using millions of disposable nappies and raise awareness of the modern, easy to use, stylish and fashionable cloth nappies available in Australia.

Registration for the different events and giveaways is easy and those who register will join more than 2,500 others participating in this green nappy initiative. For more information or to get started, please visit or email

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